We are focusing on that, what we can do best:
  • Design and Implementation of Internet- and Fat-Client-Applications using Java and dot.net Technology
  • Object-oriented Software Architectures: Analysis, Design and Programming
  • Modeling of databases
  • Document Management Systems: Hummingbird, ClueCielo Meridian, Bentley Projectwise
  • Our functional focus is Research and Technology of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Broad Programming - and User Experiences of ChemInformatics


Data-sys / Michael Walter
Ortmattstr. 1
D-79541 Lörrach
Tel: +49 / (0)7621 / 57 03 005
Mobil: +49 / (0)176 / 32 22 63 04
E-Mail michael.walter@data-sys.de
Michael Walter is German and studied Chemistry at the Technical University of Clausthal and Technical University of Aachen. Michael evaluates, develops and maintains IT-Applications first at Ciba-Geigy and later at Ciba Specialties and Huntsman. His responsibilities include the analysis of user requirements, creating of specifications and implementing of these specifications on different base applications using a variety of programming languages. The base applications used, were Maccs, Isis, Isentris und newly JChemBase.

He has a broad knowledge of the programming languages like Java, C++, C#, und VB, of databases like Oracle, MS-SqlServer, MS-Access and document management systems like Hummingbird, Meridian und ProjectWise.

He has a deep knowledge of the workflows within the Research and Technology departments of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Michael is working together with AKemConsulting.net.