Areas of expertise
We help research organizations remove bottlenecks from their information management workflows.
  • Application development

    • Key technical skills:
      • Java: Servlet, JSP, Swing
      • Databases: Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL), Chemical database cartridges, MS Access
      • Miscellaneous: HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Symyx LEA (high-throughput experimentation) software, chemical structure manipulation (Cheshire), IIS, Tomcat
    • Application focus:
      • Chemical registration
      • Chemical inventory management
      • Library Studio add-ins
      • MS Excel add-ins
  • Data migration

    • Chemical structures into molfiles, SMILES
    • Relational data into Laboratory Execution and Analysis (LEA), etc.
  • Server configuration

    • We can help you set up your server for scentific information applications
    • Oracle, RAS, Direct, IIS, Tomcat
  • Requirements analysis

    • User interviews
    • Use case elucidation


Informatics in support of research

Scientific Thinking is a small IT consultancy located in Northern Vermont, USA, on the 'West Coast' of New England and close to the cities of Burlington, VT, Montreal, QC, and Albany, NY. We are dedicated to providing niche IT services to clients with complex information handling requirements.

Most of our experience to date has been with researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries. Over the years, we have worked with most of the major pharmaceutical companies and many smaller ones.

Our approach is to find the solution that works best for a customer's requirements, rather than to serve any individual technology. We learn new technologies quickly and, more importantly, learn how to leverage new technologies quickly.

Our principal consultant, Mitch Miller, is a member of