Though our company is young, our members have been working together for nearly 10 years on projects for the largest pharmaceutical companies from Europe, the US and Japan. Our mission is to provide flexible and customized near-shore software consulting and development by offering a team of experts from early stages until project delivery. Our expertise is orientated towards chemistry, cheminformatics, mathematics and quality assurance first of all.

Sysment provides a team of experts to fulfill the requests of resource needs of research organizations. People in this team are dedicated to our customers. Their further professional development can even be planned in alignment with the requirements of technologies used. We can take over tasks in early stages of the development or even help out with prototyping or requirements gathering phases, but we also work on project delivery with close contact and as direct subordinates.
Consulting services
  • on-site or off-site consulting
  • project management
  • software customization for third-party products
  • QA services
  • technical support for custom software
  • migration from MDL /Symyx/Accelrys products to ChemAxon products

Development services

  • custom software development

  • QA services

  • installer creation

  • project management

  • technical support

  • user training


  • Client layer: Delphi, Microsoft .NET (C#, C++, VB), Java, Windows API
  • Database layer: Oracle, MS Access, MSSQL, MySQL
  • Middle layer: Java
  • Web: HTML, PHP, JavaScript



Specific technologies

  • ChemAxon and MDL/Symyx/Accelrys technologies 
  • Client layer: ISIS Desktop, Object Library, ISIS/MDL/Symyx Draw, MarvinSketch, MarvinView
  • Database layer: MDL Direct, JChem Cartridge
  • Middle layer: Isentris, JChem Base



Sysment Kft.

2040 Buda÷rs, ╔bner Gy÷rgy k÷z 4.